Vacuum Repair

High quality vacuum repair is the foundation of our business!

When it comes to the service of your appliances you can count on our excellent service. Mr TV and Appliance provides top-notch repairs and maintenance services. We also have parts that come from a proven origin and state-of-the-art supplies for your equipment, regardless of its brand, make, and model.

Vacuum repair

Mr TV and Appliance has a service center in Lacey WA where our technicians will service your appliances up to the mandated standards.

Our personnel annually increase their skills with training courses organized by leading manufacturers in the vacuum repair field. At our company we offer spare parts, with guaranteed quality, at attractive pricing rates and the fastest delivery to your Lacey WA property.

We have provided the most professional repair of household appliances for more than 19 years. Our company was established in 1994. Our long years in business and our vast experience in the field have enabled our technicians to offer quality repairs, fast response and accuracy in addressing every appliance issue. As well, we have in stock all the necessary spare parts for these appliances, at affordable prices.

For the highest quality repair of any home-appliance whether it’s a washing machine, water heater, coffee machine or microwave, call Mr TV and Appliance. We will never compromise your warranty. Depending on the device it can be serviced in your home.

If the damage requires the appliance to be tested and repaired at our service base, have no worries because we will do it in a timely manner and within budget. We will take the unit from your address and return it repaired with a warranty.

  • If you are a lover of “DIY” projects our specialists will advise you on how to make the repairs yourself and whether this is possible.
  • You can contact us at (360) 440-9040.
  • For our regular customers we offer special offers!

Should you require more information on our vacuum and computer repair services, or want to learn more about our company, call us today! 

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