Mr TV and Appliance specialzies in professional copiers repair since 1994.

For anyone who has invested a significant amount of money in top-quality office equipment, keeping this equipment in proper working condition, making sure it is serviced regularly is just as much a part of that investment as the initial purchase. This can include essential office machines, like printers, copiers, and fax machines. If you are looking for a quality and reliable copiers repair, try to choose a technician that you know will deliver excellent quality work. If you are located in Lacey WA then your choice is a piece of cake. Copiers repairDo not hesitate and consult the experts at Mr TV and Appliance. We are proud to employ experienced and certified copier professionals who are dedicated to providing courteous and prompt in-shop or on-site service of your equipment at very competitive rates.

With the increasingly more technical aspects of today’s copiers and their rising cost, you need true experts on your side. We work on black & white and color copiers. On every copiers repair, we perform a complete preventative maintenance check. Whether it’s a repair service or routine maintenance work, we provide our customers with the right professional skills, when and where they are needed. When you employ our services you can expect to:

  • Double your equipment’s lifeCopier repair
  • Minimize or completely eliminate breakdowns
  • Improve print quality
  • Control dangerous ozone emissions
  • Always perform our duties on-site for your convenience
  • Have Emergency service available
  • 90% of all service calls are fixed with in a one hour time frame
  • Annual maintenance agreements available

Whether your equipment is six months or 6 years old, the highly experienced and qualified technicians at Mr TV and Appliance can repair them when you need our services. We have the skills and knowledge to perform copiers repair in a prompt and efficient manner. Our 7 days a week appliance repair service including TV repair is available to help you whenever you need that valuable service. We are known for having the best rates and the best customer service in Lacey WA. We guarantee that we will work promptly and efficiently in order to get your copiers in working order so you can move on with your daily activities and keep the downtime to a minimum. Contact us today at (360) 440-9040 and learn more about our competitive rates.

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