Computer Repair

Mr TV and Appliance has been operating in the computer repair business since 1994. Thanks to our long experience in the field of computer technologies we have made thousands of clients happy. We are regarded by them, one of the leading service providers in the Lacey, WA area.

Our services include assembling and repairing of computers – from reliable office workstations to high-end gaming machines, we do it all.

The services that we offer are:

  • Diagnosis of laptops and personal computers
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Repairs on all types of laptops
  • Replacement of defective or broken parts /batteries, memory, processors, hard drives, optical drives, displays, inverters, cables, keyboards, hinges etc./
  • Repairs of all types of motherboard
  • Repair of video cards
  • Upgrades of all laptops /adding memory, replacing the processor, hard drive, optical drive or video card/
  • Repair or replacement of broken connectors
  • Transfer / Data Backup
  • Installation of software provided by the client
  • Installation of software purchased by our company
  • Installation / replacement of drivers
  • Installation of specialized software and virus removal

Computer RepairWe provide our customers in Lacey, WA with a wide variety of different appliance repair services – from computer to vacuum repair. Regardless of brand, new or used, as well as specialized warranty, we can service a broad range of computer accessories, adapters, batteries, and do all upgrade options.

Mr TV and Appliance can work under warranty, offer post warranty maintenance, diagnosis and repairs. Our experienced specialists can diagnose the condition of your PC or laptop quickly and repair it with the most accurate technique which ensures precision of all fixes.

PC repairThey can help upgrade your system, giving you a choice of many possible solutions to improve the performance of your favorite equipment.

Take advantage of our monthly specials for computer repair services. With us your PC or laptop will always be in the best shape and you can count on it. Our prices are affordable and the services carried by our technicians are guaranteed. We can also fix also your printers, faxes or copier machines. For direct contact with them dial (360) 440-9040!

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